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Nov 15, 2021

by Invenergy Team

Nov 15, 2021

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An Introduction to Invenergy Services’ Owner’s Mindset

The work we do at Invenergy Services is guided by our “owner’s mindset,” a simple but important principle that ensures the longevity of any project we operate.
In essence, an owner’s mindset means we apply the same attention and expertise to a customer’s project as we do our own. The goal is to maximize production and prolong equipment life at projects of every size, and we’re able to do this thanks to a sincere pride in the work we do as individuals and as a team.
We operate with an owner’s mindset because we are owners, with 12,000 MW across four sustainable technologies, seven ISO markets, and sites in Europe and North and South America. Our success is built on knowledge that comes from two decades of experience and innovation, and we take pride in offering customers the same level of care that has driven our success.
What sets Invenergy Services’ approach apart?
Our owner’s mindset defines how we think about the projects we operate and the practical work that goes into keeping them up and running. It’s as simple as asking ourselves, “What can we do to make sure it is operating the best it can?”
No two sustainable energy projects are alike, which is why paying careful attention to the specific needs of each project – from the health of turbine components to local environmental considerations - is critical to its success. An owner’s mindset means we employ this high level of scrutiny and care in everything we do, and we leverage our wide range of experiences and expertise to develop long-term strategies tailored to each plant.
We deliver what’s best for our customers with the same tools and expertise we deploy at our own sites:
  • Dedicated project monitoring through the state-of-the-art Invenergy Control Center (ICC): Invenergy’s teams in the ICC monitor millions of data points from each turbine and solar array we operate across North America every day. Our project monitoring capabilities allow technicians to plan for repairs and replacements well before an issue becomes critical and effectively batch major component repairs, minimizing downtime and mobilization costs.
  • Sourcing and scale: Customers benefit from Invenergy’s robust sourcing capabilities as an experienced owner to minimize delays in equipment repair and reduce the cost associated with parts, labor, and mobilization.
  • Technician knowledge and availability: Instead of utilizing a technician dispatch strategy, our Operations & Maintenance (O&M) teams are local or staffed on a permanent basis. A bonus incentive program fosters a sense of site ownership among Services’ experienced technicians while our efficiently mobilized traveling team is dedicated to responding promptly to issues across the country.
Whether you’re looking for an Energy Manager, O&M or Balance of Plant (BOP) service provider, or Asset Manager, we are flexible and comprehensive in our approach and can work together to customize the best solution for you. Invenergy Services’ owner’s mindset sets us apart, and we’re excited to show you what a difference this approach can make.
Interested in learning more? Invenergy Services can help. Contact Brad Purtell, Vice President of Services Business Development, at bpurtell@invenergy.com.
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