Transforming the energy industry is not for the faint of heart. It requires cutting-edge thinking, technical know-how, determined execution, and a willingness to take on challenges others deem too complex. But that’s how Invenergy is building the clean energy future. Today’s energy industry is an ever-evolving landscape of growth, opportunity, and challenges—which is what makes our work exciting.

From day one, we’ve had a forward-thinking approach, and since then, we’ve never stopped innovating. Our story began in the early 2000s, buying half-built natural gas projects and redeveloping them as new energy centers. Soon after, we ventured into wind energy when many people still considered it a long-shot technology. And today, our commitment to innovation in energy is as strong as ever.

We develop, build, own, and operate wind, solar, natural gas, and advanced battery storage projects in 8 countries around the world, having successfully developed 111 projects totaling more than 16,800 megawatts. Our projects are proof that state-of-the-art renewable technologies can be deployed competitively and at scale, and meet energy needs with cleaner, cheaper power all while enabling a more dynamic energy grid.

Our operating projects are exceptional proving grounds for new ideas. We test, prototype, and refine innovation breakthroughs with our projects, and then deploy them across our fleet and on new developments. No day is the same, no project is the same.

With over 850 employees—from engineers to technicians to developers to financial analysts—Invenergy is a team of innovators solving energy challenges. Challenges range across every department, from financing and contracting, to local permitting, to generation and transmission engineering, to policy, markets, and regulation.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built in the clean energy industry. Over the past seven years, we have won 15 awards and recognitions for excellence in operations, project finance, and innovation, including Oracle’s 2017 Sustainability Innovation Award.

In the weeks ahead in our We Solve Energy Challenges blog series, you will hear from Invenergy subject matter experts taking on major energy challenges to build the clean energy future.

Transmission Manager Jenny Liu has a PhD in power systems electrical engineering and is working on scaling up transmission to deliver renewable energy over long distances to customers. Alberto Osorio Liebana, Thermal Engineering Manager, is helping increase energy access through the introduction of a new, cleaner energy source for El Salvador. John King, Senior Manager of Commercial Transactions, and Anneli Alers, Vice President of Structured Finance, are working to crack the ever-changing financial and contracting puzzles to support renewable energy growth. And Mark Delaney, Senior Manager of Renewable Engineering, is leading our engineering team as they look at new ways to combine wind power, solar power, and battery storage through co-location at the same sites.

So, if you’re the engineer, financier, or energy specialist looking to tackle challenges like these to help transform the global power system, Invenergy is the place for you. There’s nowhere better to expand your professional and technical skills and be part of building the clean energy future.

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