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Koumi Kogen Solar Farm

How it came together
Since opening its first office in Tokyo in 2013, we’ve worked to advance Invenergy’s development pipeline of approximately 340 megawatts of solar and wind projects in Japan.
To bring our first solar project in Japan – the Koumi Kogen Solar Farm – to life, it was imperative that we demonstrate a thorough understanding of Japan’s clean energy landscape and regulatory environment. In addition, a critical component to the success of the project was our partnership with Terras Energy Corporation, formerly SB Energy Corp., which became a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation in April 2023. This partnership combined our international experience with advanced, large-scale development and Terras Energy’s domestic know-how to achieve optimal results.
All of the work paid off in June 2019 when Koumi Kogen Solar Farm began commercial operation about 100 miles northwest of Tokyo in Nagano Prefecture. This more than 10-megawatt solar facility has paved the way for more clean energy project development in 2023 and beyond.
What sets it apart
The transition toward renewable energy sources became particularly important for Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster in 2011.
An earthquake in the region triggered a tsunami that severely damaged the power plant, leading to widespread power outages and exposure to radiation in food, water and the ocean. The earthquake was one of several factors that led Japan to prioritize the development of clean energy sources, like Koumi Kogen Solar Farm, to provide the country a safer source of energy that doesn’t worsen the effects of future natural disasters.
What's the impact
Although the clean energy transition is taking place around the world, Japan has set particularly ambitious climate goals. The country’s first goal is to reduce its carbon emissions by 46% compared to 2013 levels by 2030, and Japan aims to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 .1
Koumi Kogen Solar Farm is not only an important step in enabling Japan to meet its climate goals, but it also represents the beginning of Invenergy’s role in helping accelerate the country’s clean energy future. Koumi Kogen Solar Farm generates approximately 12,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year, which is enough to power nearly 3,500 homes annually.2 More Invenergy clean energy projects are already underway in Japan.
1 “How Japan is accelerating efforts towards a carbon-neutral society,” Jan. 16, 2023, World Economic Forum
2 First year power estimate

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