A classic story of ambition and innovation.

When founded in 2001, we set out to acquire distressed natural gas projects in opportunistic situations. We soon realized our strengths in engineering and problem solving were better suited to develop projects ourselves. Because we are programmed to always seek out new opportunities, in 2002 we added renewables to our portfolio and have never looked back.

Execution on inventive thinking.

The thinking that led us to invest in wind so early also inspires us to capitalize on opportunities in new and inventive ways.

As one of the first to explore and deploy large-scale advanced battery systems, we are now the #1 privately held advanced energy storage owner and operator. We co-located one of the largest energy storage facilities in the U.S. and one of the largest solar facilities in the Midwest with wind to produce more than 266 MW of clean energy each year at our Grand Ridge Energy Center.

We rethink projects from the ground up. Our ability to think in new ways allows us to continue to push ourselves and our industry further.

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