Purpose and Need

The Town of Orangeville hosts a 94 megawatt (MW) wind project which powers NY communities with clean energy. Orangeville Energy Storage will store up to 20 MW of electricity produced by the wind farm. This energy can then be deployed to provide electricity to New York’s electricity grid when additional energy is needed. New York State sees energy storage as a key part to building a modern grid, and has a target of developing 3,000 MW of battery storage in the state in the next ten years. Orangeville Energy Storage will support this goal by providing local communities with reliable, renewable energy.

Project Facilities

Located on Centerline Road, Orangeville Energy Storage will have a maximum energy storage capability of 20 MW using state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology.

Project facilities will include up to twelve prefabricated steel containers in a fenced gravel lot. The footprint of the project will be just under an acre. Twelve pad mounted transformers and inverters will accompany the containers and the project will use a buried cable to interconnect to the substation across Centerline Road, where the energy will be put on the grid and delivered to local homes and businesses.

Project Development

Currently, Orangeville Energy Storage has received local permits from the town and county and is planning on commencing construction in the Fall of 2020. Have questions about the Orangeville Energy Storage project? Contact Ryan Hicks, the project developer, by email at RHicks@Invenergy.com or by phone at (607) 391-2651.