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How desalination works

Desalination removes impurities from seawater to deliver a reliable water source for industrial and municipal needs. This technology is energy intensive and increasingly uses renewable energy to deliver sustainable outcomes for customers.
  1. 1

    Desalination begins with seawater intake.
  2. 2

    The next step is pre-treatment of the water.
  3. 3

    Then demineralization occurs through reverse osmosis.
  4. 4

    After demineralization comes post-treatment.
  5. 5

    Fresh water is stored for delivery.
  6. 6

    Water is delivered to customers.

Why clean water

In many parts of the U.S. and around the world, clean water infrastructure development is not keeping pace with growing water demands. Groundwater from aquifers and surface water from lakes, rivers and reservoirs have limited availability and aren’t enough to meet an increasing need for clean water.
Tapping into alternative water sources and developing seawater desalination projects will help increase the amount of clean water available to accommodate growing water demands without depleting our freshwater resources.

Clean Energy

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  • Storage
  • Offshore Wind
  • Transmission
  • Clean Hydrogen
  • Clean Water
  • Natural Gas

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