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offshore wind leases off the New Jersey and California coasts



gigawatts of offshore wind projects in development, enough to power 1.5 million homes



acres of seabed, equivalent to 250 square miles

How offshore wind works

  1. 1

    Offshore wind turbines capture the wind’s energy and generate electricity. Offshore wind speeds are often higher on average and more sustained, delivering more clean power during peak demand when compared to land-based renewables.
  2. 2

    Foundations, either bottom-fixed or floating in design, secure the wind turbines to the ocean floor. A network of power cables link the wind turbines together and deliver power to the offshore substation.
  3. 3

    The offshore substation collects and stabilizes the power generated by the turbines, preparing it for transmission to shore.
  4. 4

    The export cable is buried in the seabed and transmits power onshore.
  5. 5

    The onshore substation increases the voltage of the electricity and ensures compliance with the grid.
  6. 6

    Electricity travels through transmission lines.
  7. 7

    Transformer decreases voltage of electricity.
  8. 8

    Electricity is delivered to customers through collection lines.


Why offshore wind

Offshore wind farms are a reliable and important domestic source of renewable energy. They offset a considerable amount of CO2 and are designed to minimize environmental impact. Offshore wind projects can be built to help sustain marine life and facilitate environmental research.
We're bringing our decades-long track record of community partnership to these projects and engaging directly with local coastal communities, fisheries and maritime stakeholders, labor unions, Tribal Nations, and other interested groups to ensure community input throughout the entirety of development process of our offshore wind projects.


U.S. offshore wind jobs by 2030 assuming 30 gigawatts generated*


Of offshore wind procurement targets by U.S. states*


Portion of Americans who live within 200 miles of the coast*

* “Wind Power Facts,” Jan. 2, 2021, American Clean Power

Featured projects

Leading Light Wind
Invenergy was awarded an offshore wind lease in the New York Bight through the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management auction in February 2022. As lead developer, Invenergy in partnership with our co-sponsor, New York-based energyRe, will advance development of the project and the clean energy transition across the region, creating green jobs and building a domestic supply chain. 
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