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We combine our proprietary data analytics tools with in-house subject matter experts to provide essential insights into areas including:

  • Plant-level operating metrics provide a high-level overview of how a plant is performing, like production and availability.
  • Descriptive analytics identify anomalous behavior at the asset level that can help our team escalate potential issues for further investigation.
  • Predictive analytics detect equipment-specific issues. Teams are alerted when action needs to be taken or when certain conditions forecast an issue is likely soon.

Enhancing energy center performance

Turbine monitoring
Invenergy Services’ wind analytics team reviews cases daily to identify turbine issues including drivetrain performance, power curve performance, advanced load control health, vibration issues and pitch issues
Solar site performance
Our team of solar engineers compares performance site-wide using in-depth inverter and tracker performance analytics to monitor underperformance, provide detailed locations of issues and recommend next steps.
Data innovations
Our engineering team regularly pilots new leading-edge data analysis programs, integrating new data sources, such as work order management data and others, and artificial intelligence to refine our image processing, heat mapping, and other anomaly detection capabilities.
Meteorological analysis
Invenergy Services’ engineers use additional data analysis tools to monitor MET station data validity, identify module soiling issues, and track irradiance readings, looking at BHI, POA, and DHI to spot trends and data irregularities.

Virtual power plant insights

Invenergy Services’ proprietary analytics tool renders a virtual power plant that compares ideal output with actual output to identify underperforming assets. We have continued to develop the model to include available power, taking into account any known offline units to further refine our expected-power analysis and more accurately identify issues.

Heat mapping

Invenergy Services uses heat mapping at the wind and solar sites we operate. Heat mapping allows our team to home in on the root issues at hand and safely and efficiently prioritize the wind turbines and solar modules that require maintenance
For wind:
  • Quickly analyze which wind turbine generators need attention
  • Heat mapping temperatures for nacelles, generators, gearboxes, main bearings, and generator cooling systems
For solar:
  • Pinpoints combiner, inverter and tracker issues
  • Geospatial relationship of our heat maps allows for easy detection of offline or underperforming components at a granular level

Clean Energy

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Storage
  • Offshore Wind
  • Transmission
  • Clean Hydrogen
  • Clean Water
  • Natural Gas

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