Whether it be wind, solar, or storage technology, clean energy helps communities across America grow. Clean energy powers homes and businesses, creates well-paying jobs, reduces utility costs for consumers, and reimagines the way we generate and deliver electricity.

This transformation represents an unparalleled opportunity to create a better future for everyone; one that offers greater access to clean and affordable energy, as well as economic growth and opportunities for investment and innovation.

In celebration of American Clean Power Week, we want to highlight how building the clean energy economy not only provides substantial environmental benefits but directly people and communities across the United State.

At each of the 180 (and counting) projects we’ve developed in the United States since the company was founded, we designate funding to support local organizations and nonprofits meaningful to each area. Over the years, millions of dollars of donations and contributions have gone to emergency management services and volunteer fire departments, local 4H and FFA chapters, and food pantries across the country.

Clean energy development benefits the many landowners who lease their land to host our projects. Many of these landowners are generational farmers with deep ties to their land but who nonetheless struggle to remain profitable. Land lease payments provide a stable income for American farmers, ranchers, and private landowners, allowing them to keep land in their hands for decades to come and preserving the agricultural traditions and character of the farming communities across the country.

ACP and developers like Invenergy also recognize how the development of energy infrastructure has negatively impacted communities that have been home to carbon-intensive industries or has left other communities overlooked.

That’s why we’re working hard to create economic opportunities in the communities that need it most. Nearly 80% of U.S. clean power capacity is installed in low-income counties, as is approximately 64% of land-based wind, solar, and battery storage capacity currently under construction or in advanced development. These projects also provide jobs for local communities with compensation that often exceeds similar construction jobs in other industries. “These are well-paying jobs with longevity,” says one Iowa landowner. “These are jobs for local people that allow you to live in your small town and be around your families.”

In fact, in conjunction with local partners, Invenergy recently launched Reactivate, a community solar energy platform supporting renewable energy development in local communities and delivering renewable energy benefits to underserved people and places. These projects include community and small-scale solar projects as well as energy storage, building electrification, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

We believe clean energy demonstrates social responsibility and represents a unique opportunity to meet climate goals while fueling economic growth and creating new employment opportunities. Economic investment and community engagement enrich local communities, and we will continue to build strong relationships wherever we develop, live, and work through philanthropic giving, volunteerism, and local partnerships. ACP and its members firmly believe that, with a unified and coordinated effort, we can contribute substantially to a vision for the future that we can all be proud of.