Invenergy Services has a reputation in the renewable energy industry for our owner’s mindset, our operational and engineering capabilities, and our expertise in managing power projects of every size. We are proud of how we provide clean power for families and industry alike. Looking back at the past decade and a half, it’s easy to see how the intentional growth of Invenergy Services has enabled us to become leaders in the field.

In this blog, we’ll take a brief look at our history and highlight the milestones of our journey. A subsequent blog post will show how the robust capabilities we offer today build upon what we’ve accomplished and the foundation that has been laid for the work we will do in the years and decades ahead.

Invenergy Services began as a humble operation in 2004, with a staff of 28. Remote operations began in 2007 with a single operator resetting turbines from a wind farm located in rural Texas. Today, we have almost 600 technicians and operators across the US, Canada, and Mexico and operate the majority of our US portfolio from our state-of-the-art Invenergy Control Center (ICC) located in Chicago, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ICC’s interconnectedness throughout the organization is central to our operations. It allows analysts, operators, and power schedulers to monitor and control individual assets in real time and work closely with Invenergy’s fully integrated in-house capabilities, including asset management and financial operations, regulatory and market compliance, and performance engineering, all while optimizing the economics of market participation for these projects.

Our approach to asset maintenance has evolved as we’ve grown. We started by following Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-recommended preventative maintenance schedules but have built on our experience to take on a broader scope of asset management, maximizing availability, lowering operating costs and improving plant performance overall. Our operators, technicians and engineers form strong, collaborative teams, leading to superior operational results and a robust feedback loop assisting continual program improvement.

Services technicians were initially trained outside of Invenergy, but as of 2019, all our techs are trained in-house to ensure we maintain our high standards of quality and safety and to instill a deep familiarity with site equipment. The training also emphasizes progression into leadership positions within the organization. More than half of Invenergy’s site managers started with the company as techs, and almost all regional directors were once Invenergy site managers. And although the onset of the coronavirus pandemic disrupted workplace routines, we’ve maintained our dedication to expanding our techs’ knowledge thanks to comprehensive cross-functional virtual training programs.

To date, Invenergy has developed more than 25,000 MW of large-scale wind, solar, natural gas and energy storage facilities and currently manage around 10,000 MW of operating facilities, a portfolio that has helped us to become one of the world’s foremost sustainable power providers. Invenergy Services has often been recognized for its work, including winning the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) Award for Achievement in Operations three times, most recently in 2019, and having our ICC deemed "Best Mission Critical Project" by Commercial Integrator magazine. With the expansion into third party services, our customers are now able to use our expertise to their advantage and can rest assured that they are in good hands no matter the size of the project.