We at Invenergy would like to take the time to recognize Memorial Day, a day to remember service members and veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice defending the values we hold dear. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and taken together, these times of remembrance and reflection are a good way to bring attention to the struggles many veterans face when returning home from service. It is important to remember those we’ve lost and continue to care for those who came home.

Brian Mays, a field services technician with Invenergy who served for eight years in the Navy, is doing just that. He is an advocate for his fellow service members suffering from combat-related PTSD. When not maintaining wind turbines around the country or installing crucial solar energy technology, Mays manages a series of websites offering free help to veterans suffering from PTSD and other forms of distress. His websites provide resources to veterans that help with navigating their local Veterans Affairs healthcare systems and offer a 24/7 phone line for veterans looking for someone they can simply talk to.

Mays was able to build on the extensive knowledge of the military healthcare system he built up as a Navy Medical corpsman, in which he provided medical assistance for special operations conducted by different branches of the military. Having worked with thousands of servicemembers and seeing their experiences, he understands how daunting getting help can be, a fact Mays says it often leads people to give up trying to get help.

“But by helping one person, it provides them with resources that can help out another, and it comes around full circle helping everyone,” Mays says.

Many veterans find that the challenges and technical skills required in the renewable energy industry help with the transition back to civilian life while also providing an engaging and fulfilling career. Mays became interested in the renewable energy field following his time with Navy Intelligence, as he sees a resilient clean energy grid as integral to our national security.

We want to give our solemn thanks to service members who have given their lives in the line of duty, and to recognize those managing their struggles at home.