At Invenergy Services, we strive for continuous improvement and are always looking for opportunities to expand our expertise, abilities, and service offerings. In 2019, we took a significant step forward by creating and implementing an in-house training program for all wind technicians’ onboarding, safety, and technical training. The Invenergy Services technician training program has improved the consistency and applicability of the technicians’ training while also helping to reduce training costs across the fleet.

When Invenergy Services first started employing wind technicians, part of the technician onboarding included attending OEM-led training sessions to learn the necessary fundamentals of wind turbine operations and maintenance practices. However, as our operating footprint expanded, and the number of technicians increased, we realized that the content of the base-level OEM training did not align with the level of experience of the Invenergy Services technicians, who had already been g through 6-12 months of on-site orientation and onboarding. We realized that information provided in the OEM trainings often overlapped with the knowledge our technicians already possessed, rendering a large part of the investment we were making on behalf of our technicians less valuable.

To resolve this mismatch, we initially partnered with the OEM training teams to create Invenergy-only trainings based on the OEM programs. By doing this, we were able to tailor the content of the training sessions to ensure that each Invenergy Services technician came out of the training with the same level of competency. However, these exclusive trainings were still a considerable financial investment, and we realized that we had the internal resources and expertise to develop our own comprehensive onboarding training, which was completed and rolled out in 2019.

The onboarding program that Invenergy Services developed takes a total of 6 months and approximately 300 hours to complete. Over this time, each technician gains key fundamental competencies and learns best practices to ensure that the start of their careers prove to be effective and safe. Beyond the onboarding training, we have also designed several advanced tech progression training sessions, which provide our technicians opportunities for continuous learning. Over the past 2 years, Invenergy Services has updated and refined the training program, and with over 10 projects expected to reach commercial operations in 2021, this process will be a foundational part of over 150 technicians’ training as we continue to grow and expand the Invenergy Services team.

To learn more about Invenergy Services’ onboarding training process or our service offerings, please reach out to Brad Purtell, Director of Services Business Development at