For more than 20 years, Invenergy has accelerated the clean energy transition, and we are grateful for the unprecedented commitment to climate and sustainable energy solutions reflected in the clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRA creates the stable policy landscape that will expand the delivery of low-cost, clean, reliable power to American families and businesses.

The passage of the historic Inflation Reduction Act marks an incredible step forward in the transition to a clean energy future in the United States. The IRA is poised to unlock the clean energy potential that has been building for decades in communities across the country, from the heart of the Midwest to the Texas border, and the rural American West to New York City.

We applaud the commitment of President Biden and his administration as well as the Congressional leaders who fought for this monumental investment in a clean energy future. There is always more to do, and the nearly 2,000 Invenergy employees and thousands of supporters, laborers, and contractors advancing clean energy projects across the country stand ready to meet this pivotal moment and make America a global clean energy leader as we execute on our mission to build a sustainable word.