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Oct 12, 2023

by Invenergy

Oct 12, 2023

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Invenergy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

by Invenergy


As Invenergy marks Hispanic Heritage Month, we are proud to spotlight the contributions of our Hispanic and Latinx colleagues and showcase how their background and culture has shaped them into who they are today.
Giulio Fois, Manager, Renewable Development
Can you share a bit about your background and heritage?
I was born in the United Kingdom to Italian and Spanish-Dominican parents, and moved to the Dominican Republic at seven years old. So, my heritage is a mish-mash of nationalities and upbringings, though the Dominican Republic will always be home. I lived in the United States during my undergraduate and graduate studies (Charlottesville, Virginia, and Boston respectively) and moved back for good a year ago after marrying my wife.
Are you currently working on any interesting projects?
Totally. My top one would have to be Maratua, a 217 megawatt solar project in Grimes, Texas. It’s the project I’ve been able to integrate myself into the community the most, which makes my time spent on it feel very rewarding.
Bianca Camarena, Director, Renewable Engineering
What are your main responsibilities and what do you like most about your job?
I am the director of renewable engineering – solar division. I have a team of 23 that oversees all engineering activities to support project development across North America. My team is responsible for engineering activities associated with the development and construction of utility-scale projects. I am proud of the team I have – they are a critical part of Invenergy and the success we have.
Are there any Hispanic-led initiatives or community organizations you're involved with that you'd like to highlight?
I am a proud board member of Girls in the Game and the National Latino Education Institute. Girls in the Game is an organization that helps every girl find her voice, discover her strengths, and build her confidence through fun and active sports, health, and leadership programs. We serve girls in Chicago, Baltimore, and Bloomington, Illinois. The National Latino Education Institute is an organization that provides comprehensive employment services and in-demand education training through a holistic-centered assessment inclusive of career, financial and health, and wellness mapping to create a pathway for sustained self-sufficiency. As a proud first-generation Latina – I feel it is my responsibility to pay it forward just as others have done for me – lift as I climb.
Jose Guillen, Senior Staff Renewable Engineer
Can you share a bit about your background and heritage?
I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States with my parents and sisters in the early 2000s, but we still kept close contact with the rest of my family through winter and summer vacations. I mostly grew up in Houston, Texas, where I attended all of grade school. Then I went to UT Austin to complete a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics with a focus on time-dependent simulation work. After graduating, I went to work my (then) dream job at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, working on simulations to test and verify space hardware for future missions. However, in 2020-2022, I felt like I needed to actively work against the impacts of global warming that were becoming more and more evident. I realized that my passions lie in working to save the Earth instead of leaving it and applied to Invenergy! I’ve been here since then and am out-of-this-world happy that I made the shift.
My heritage lies deep in the Regiomontano culture of Monterrey since our family has lived in the region for generations. Every time I visit, it feels like I’m home.
What does Hispanic heritage mean to you and how has your heritage shaped who you are today?
To me, Hispanic heritage is every bit of my day to day. From the food I eat, to how I talk, and the things I enjoy; they’re all influenced by my heritage. It affects my outlook on life, and it gives me a sense of responsibility to keep succeeding and uplift those around me. The strong sense of self and community given to me by my heritage is really what’s shaped me to be who I am.
Mateo Grajales, Financial Analyst, Renewable Development
What made you want to launch the Unidos Network at Invenergy?
Growing up in two different countries gave me a unique perspective on culture and day-to-day life. It was great to have this duality of life, but at the same time I always felt like an outsider. When I started working at Invenergy, I saw the opportunity to create a space for folks to celebrate their multicultural backgrounds. Invenergy has been growing aggressively in recent years. We are becoming more diverse, and we also have offices with Spanish-speaking employees around the world. I wanted to create a space where we can connect our organization and celebrate who we are.

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