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Sep 29, 2022

by Invenergy Team

Sep 29, 2022

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Invenergy Services’ Approach to Safety Benefits Customers

by Invenergy Team

Invenergy Services’ site technicians keep an important principle in mind while on the job high up in a wind turbine or in the far corner of a solar field: ‘R-squared,’ or ‘risk and working remotely,’ two factors that emphasize why safety is a principle at every site Invenergy Services operates and a pillar of company culture.
We want to keep our colleagues healthy and safe, and our rigorous approach to safety can translate to more productive sites for customers and operators.
“From a safety standpoint, you know what you’re going to get – Invenergy technicians are going to be trained up and doing their job safely,” says Invenergy’s Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety Len Tully. “We know we can put our technicians up against anyone in the business when it comes to safety.”
In 2019, we brought more of our instruction in-house to provide technicians with training specific to our equipment and philosophy. We provide techs with 70 hours of instruction each year and cover working at heights, first aid, and many other aspects of the job they do each day. We also host numerous onsite safety drills throughout the year, including quarterly crisis rehearsals involving local emergency responders and life-flight helicopters.
A program of proactive preventative maintenance and equipment monitoring complements our rigorous safety culture by minimizing the climbing and repairs technicians need to do. Fleetwide near-miss and incident reporting generates useful observations from the field that refine how we train and work.
“Managers recognize that employees are always watching them and what they’re doing and how they handle different situations. The way a manager reacts is the example and will affect how techs approach site safety,” Len says. “But it’s not just the safety manager who sets the tone and the culture – it’s the employee engagement and participation that’s made a difference.”
Our emphasis on safety also resonates with the communities where we operate since many of our technicians are hired from the surrounding communities. “Word spreads quickly on your reputation. When you can stand up for your safety culture against the neighboring wind site employer or other companies in the area, it can be the difference in getting a candidate to sign up with Invenergy." As Len points out, every employee is empowered to stop work at any time if they have a safety concern.
“The full support that we get from the top down when it comes to safety is very impressive,” he says. “I’ve been in the safety business a long time, and this is one of the few companies where our senior leaders have been fully supportive of everything we want to do around safety.”

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