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Nov 28, 2022

by Invenergy Team

Nov 28, 2022

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Veterans & Military Families Month: Invenergy + Airstreams Renewables

by Invenergy Team

This Veterans and Military Families Month, we’re celebrating Invenergy’s ongoing commitment to supporting veterans entering the clean energy industry as they transition from active service into civilian life. Furthering this commitment, earlier this year Invenergy entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with Airstreams Renewables Inc, the leading energy training company providing veterans with the skills they need to work at renewable energy facilities.
Through the partnership, Invenergy will help remove barriers to participation in the Airstreams Renewables programs by providing funding for veterans in need of temporary housing during their training, workplace tooling and personal protective equipment, travel, and childcare support. In addition, Invenergy will help promote the clean energy industry as one that is a good fit for veterans--proven by the above-average percentage of jobs in the industry held by veterans. At Invenergy, 10 percent of employees at our Chicago headquarters and 16 percent of Invenergy Services technicians are military veterans.
“We look forward to how our partnership with Invenergy will eliminate barriers to participation in our program and help more veterans find careers they can be proud of, as they help the clean power industry to grow,” said USMC Veteran Dave Schulgen, Airstreams Renewables Founder and CEO.
Not only will this partnership assist veteran job seekers, but the rapidly growing energy industry is in need of a workforce with the discipline and ability to lead often honed by military service. With these skills paired with technical training from Airstreams, program graduates are primed to be valuable to the renewable energy projects they will maintain and operate.
Invenergy’s many veteran colleagues show us every day how those who have served our country continue to do so through the work of leading the clean energy transition. We’re proud to support Airstreams and expand the pipeline of talented veterans who are ready to join us in building a sustainable world.

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