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Nov 26, 2018

by Invenergy Team

Nov 26, 2018

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Veterans Put Military Experience to Work in Civilian Careers

by Invenergy Team

Veterans at Grays Harbor Energy Center in Washington. From left to right: Tom Daley, Shawn Cook, Ryan Jump, Chris Sherin and Jake Jackson (not pictured: Todd Marsh, Steven Bunch, Nels Haugen and Dave Marshall). Together they illustrate 63 years of military experience and 70 years at Invenergy.
Throughout the month of November, Invenergy has honored military veterans on our teams as well as in our communities through celebrations, volunteer time and giving to veteran-related causes. We recognize the sacrifice that comes along with military service and want to say thank you.
Invenergy also recognizes that veterans are particularly poised for careers in energy and our reason for honoring them goes beyond thanking them for their service. We value the experience veterans bring to help our business run safely, efficiently and successfully. Veterans are mission-driven, highly trained and analytical, which are critical traits in the highly regulated, highly technical energy industry.
As a hiring manager, I look for attention to detail, teamwork, initiative, judgement and effective communication skills in candidates. As a former Army artilleryman, I know veterans, through their military training and experience, inherently possess many of the skills required to become successful power generation team members.
Did you know that more than 10 percent of Invenergy’s workforce are veterans? In fact, we have the armed forces to thank for more than half of the total career experience our veterans bring to their daily jobs.
VeteranBlogChart2.jpgBut a chart isn’t enough to illustrate how much Invenergy values the leadership, experience and skills that veterans bring to our company. Instead, we invited veterans at all Invenergy sites to use green and blue boxes to show each year of their experience in uniform and at Invenergy. Read on and check out the photos below to meet many of the veterans among our teams.
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