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Energia del Pacifico

How it came together
Energía del Pacífico (EDP), one of Invenergy’s most ambitious projects, began construction in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This complex project includes a 378-megawatt combined cycle power plant, a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), marine infrastructure (including an underwater pipeline), and a 27-mile transmission line. Despite the enormous challenges, including supply-chain disruptions, travel restrictions, airport closures, global financial volatility, and Salvadoran COVID-19 mitigation measures and regulations, the power plant began commercial operation in October 2022.
What sets it apart
EDP is a transformative investment in El Salvador’s clean energy future. The project is delivering approximately 30% of the country’s energy demand with clean power and has modified the Salvadoran energy matrix by incorporating natural gas for generation and other uses, reducing the country’s reliance on diesel and heavy fuel oil-fired power generation.
EDP features some remarkable innovations in engineering. For instance, the project uses the first-ever permanently moored FSRU. Super-chilled liquefied natural gas is regassified on the FSRU before traveling through an underwater pipeline to the onshore power plant. From there, the gas powers 19 internal combustion engines and waste heat feeds one steam turbine. Two 230-kV electric transmission lines, one of which connects to the Central American Electrical Interconnection System, provides added grid reliability to the region and opens further opportunities for renewable energy in El Salvador.
What’s the impact
In addition to meeting nearly one-third of El Salvador’s energy demand, EDP is projected to help the country meet its climate goals by reducing carbon emissions by 600,000 tons annually.
The project has also been a catalyst for job creation and growth in the country. EDP employed 2,000 workers during peak construction and created 80 full-time operations jobs. In total, the project represents an approximately $1 billion investment in El Salvador.
At least $10 million will be invested in economic and social works during the term of the power purchase agreements, strengthening local communities with a more than $500,000 investment per year. These funds have been used to support initiatives such as the building and remodeling of schools and community centers, road maintenance, and a new sewage and wastewater treatment plant. EDP has also contributed to the creation of 150 artificial reefs to support biodiversity in the region as part of the project’s environmental impact measures. To learn more, please visit the Energia del Pacifico website.

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