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La Toba Energy Center

How it came together
The power grid in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is isolated. And for a long time, it was dependent on fossil fuels to generate power. The results were high energy costs and excessive pollution in the area. However, Invenergy saw an opportunity for that to change and began work on La Toba Energy Center. The center began commercial operation in October 2022, co-locating a 35-megawatt solar plant with a 20-megawatt, four-hour storage facility. The clean energy project is an important step in Mexico’s clean energy transition, as the country set a goal to have 35% of its electricity generation come from clean energy sources by 2024.1
What sets it apart
This project is in a region of Mexico that is experiencing the second-highest increase in energy demand in the country.
Co-located energy centers provide essential benefits to the grid, mainly through ancillary services, but co-location is uncommon in Mexico. By co-locating storage with solar energy, La Toba helps enable the local power grid to meet energy during peak demand during daytime and after sunset, minimizing disruptions to the energy supply.
What's the impact
La Toba represents a $70 million investment. The project has created more than 500 jobs throughout various phases of development, construction and operations. Energy output from La Toba is estimated to be enough to power 30,000 homes and 3% of peak energy demand in the summer. The project is estimated to offset 130,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere annually.
Invenergy has also partnered with three local educational institutions to implement a social investment plan to enrich the surrounding communities. So far, there have been 934 beneficiaries of the plan, with hopes to strengthen the program moving forward.
1Mexico looks to giant solar park in the desert to assuage carbon concerns,” Feb. 3, 2023, Reuters

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