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Lackawanna Energy Center

How it came together
Lackawanna Energy Center, located in the borough of Jessup, Pennsylvania, is the largest operational project in our fleet. Beginning construction in March 2016, the facility was completed ahead of schedule and began operation in January 2019.
A critical underpinning to the successful completion of this landmark project was our extensive experience with operating and managing natural-gas assets. The facility features an innovative single-shaft design where each of three 500-megawatt power islands comprise a combustion turbine and steam turbine that share a single generator, maximizing facility efficiency while still allowing independent operation of each natural gas turbine.
What sets it apart
Lackawanna’s single-shaft turbine design helps optimize flexibility to respond quickly to variations in energy demand. Additionally, the plant’s operations and maintenance office are LEED Gold-certified and feature a rooftop solar array, making the building 60% more energy efficient than similar structures.
What's the impact
Since the start of construction, Lackawanna has invested more than $285 million in the local economy, including $170 million in wages and benefits for workers. Project partners have also donated $400,000 to local nonprofits in Jessup and surrounding communities.
Invenergy has also awarded six students at the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum and Natural Gas with our Advanced Energy scholarship to help them continue their education.

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