The Need

According to the World Resources Institute, “More than a billion people currently live in water-scarce regions, and as many as 3.5 billion could experience water scarcity by 2025.”

Desalination Growth


World’s population facing a water crisis

$91 billion

Projected water related income loss for Texas in 2030

300 million

People globally currently get water from desalination

Invenergy Clean Water Solutions

With end-to-end, in-house capabilities, Invenergy tailors clean water solutions for municipal customers whose communities need water for the coming decades and industrial customers who rely on water for operations.







Water Management

Energy Management

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Invenergy has developed industrial water systems for nine facilities totaling 18 million gallons a day of capacity. We are applying our experience to help deliver sustainable water for customers. Our experience in clean water solutions includes raw water treatment for gray water, demineralization via reverse osmosis and electrodeionization, and wastewater treatment.

Nelson Energy Center

Nelson Energy Center

The Nelson Energy Center is a 584-megawatt combined cycle power plant with wet-cooled condensing technology and includes four main water sections: raw water pretreatment, service water treatment, demineralization water treatment, and wastewater treatment. With water supply coming from the Rock River, intake supplies up to 3,000 gpm of water to the plant through a 24” line from the pump house located approximately 3 miles from the site.

Nelson Energy Center

Lackawanna Energy Center

Lackawanna Energy Center

The Lackawanna Energy Center has three large Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) that require demineralized water to operate in the steam and condensate systems. The facility’s demineralized water treatment system is capable of producing up to 165 gallons per minute (237,600 gallons per day) of demineralized water and includes chemical pre-treatment, two pass reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, mixed bed manifolds, and electro-deionization.

The Lackawanna Energy Center also has a separate wastewater treatment system capable of releasing treated wastewater into the local municipal sewer system or trucking to a local wastewater treatment facility all the while keeping the main power plant facility fully operational. The wastewater treatment system recycles a majority of plant blowdown water with capacity of up to 125 gallons per minute using its own advanced containerized reverse osmosis ,ultrafiltration, and chemical treatment systems.

Lackawanna Energy Center

How Desalination Works

Desalination is a solution to remove impurities from seawater or brackish water sources to deliver usable water for customers. This technology is energy intensive and increasingly uses renewable energy to deliver sustainable outcomes for customers. The technology, process, and operation of reverse osmosis desalination projects is mature, with 2/3 of installations (source: World Bank, 2019) and aligns with Invenergy’s project development experience.

Desalination Water Schematic

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